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WindSun’s SWS – Small Windmill Solution is a revolutionary ready-to-use, customizable product / solution for rooftop or standalone, off-grid electrical power generation through nonpolluting, renewable and natural average wind. SWS is out-come of more than half the decade of relentless hard work and R&D. SWS has been verified, Tested and Certified by ERDA – Electrical Research & Development Association accredited by the NABL - Government of India and Intertek (ASTA), UK.

ERDA has tested the Electrical Alternators (Aerogenerator) for SWS’s Output Power with respect to RPM. ERDA has also verified the following logical part of it which can be interpreted as follows :
Windmill Power, Charging - Start/ Stop : SWS has a indigenously designed a very unconventional alternator. This has helped the SWS to overcome the large withholding initial torque and can produce meaningful power at even lower RPM (70) or at Low Wind Speed (2 M/S). The intelligent panel attached to it also regulates the electrical load dynamically so that SWS always try to remain in the constant RPM range irrespective of wind speeds and change in the load.
Manual/ Automatic Braking - Stat/ Stop : Apart from manual brakes, Brakes are applied at the preset RPM (200) and are being released again at the safe RPM (100) hence keeps the SWS within the range of desired RPM, Automatically, Ongoingly. Thus making the SWS safe for both the Windmill itself and the people around. This Innovative auto- braking technology helps in shielding the blades and structure from the impact/ thrust of wind’s potential energy by converting it into kinetic energy and regulating it. Note: Brakes are intelligently applied, e.g. if there is sudden change, spike in the wind speed still the brakes will not be applied till SWS ensures is not just a blip.
Automatic Switching between the Windmill Power and Main Power, Vice-Versa : The smart toggling or switching constantly pushes the ‘Windmill Power’ to be used first irrespective of availability of ‘Main Power’. Example, if a light or a fan is put on, The SWS first tries to power it through Wind Power as long as possible and then automatically switch to Main Power. And the moment ‘Wind Power’ resumes then power source is again toggled back to ‘Wind Power’. This ongoing intelligent automatic switching helps in speeding up the Return on your Investment from the day one by optimum utilizing the Wind Power.
Note : Toggling is monitored. i.e. load is not switched from one source to another till SWS ensures it is not reliable and will remain constantly available for sometimes to come.
Self Reliance : The SWS is self reliant in terms of power requirement. SWS does not require any external source of power be it AC Mains or DC batteries either for producing/ generating power or managing/ maintaining/ controlling the produced power or even for emergency braking. This makes SWS a truly reliable electrical power solution for standalone remote usages.
Component : SWS windmill typically consists of following -
Aerogenerator - It is the Heart of the SWS. The main Body is made of high quality Mild Steel. The end covers are made of casted aluminum to provide strength at the same time reducing the weight. Closed Bearings, Shaft, SRS stamping, copper, PM..
Blades : Noise reduction technology, Strong enough to sustain 20M/S wind speed and 400 RPM. It’s unique designee helps in generating the traction that enables the initial motion or to overcome the initial torque even in lower wind.
Yaw & Tale (Wind Guiding Mechanism) : Unique Designee of Yaw enables the 100KG+ windmill system in the line of wind suddenly without jerking the structure or the generators.
Control Logic Panel. It is the CPU or the Brain of the SWS.
Tower and Foundation Plate.
Battery and Inverter/ UPS (optional) - Though SWS can be used to charge any battery still WindSun recommends to use Thin Plate, Deep Discharge, 2Volt, 600Ah battery cells. These Cells has longer battery life of about 7 yrs and are maintenance free.
Usage :
WindSun’s SWS can be either used hand-in-hand with main power or can be main power itself!!
Main Source of Power : In the villages farming and other remote areas which are not connected to grid, SWS can be a reliable, economical main source of power.
Alternate Power : In the places where there is power but Irregular, Scheduled Power Cuts and Temporally Grid Failure are regular, SWS can compliment the existing DG sets and saves the in the cost of Diesel.
Emergency Backup Power : Even with regular constant Grid Power, as a contingency measures where it is recommended to have Power Back-Up like Inverter or UPS for shorter period of time, SWS can be used for both - to provide back-up power in times of need, also reduces your regular power/ electricity bill, significantly, even if there are no power cut.
E.G. as a statutory guidelines all branches of a Banks should have power back in the form of UPS & batteries. Even if batteries are not used even for once new batteries has to be bought every two years. In such scenarios SWS can help in recovering the ROI of windmill as well the batteries.
Disaster Management Back-up Power : In case of Natural, Unforeseen Accidental Calamities when the power is not available for hours or sometimes days together SWS as a Standalone, Off-Grid device, can help to run the show for considerable longer hours, economically.
Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR : Corporate, Governments and HNI can use for themselves or even donate SWS as their responsibility towards the Society and the Mother Earth.
Containing Global Warming : SWS can Reduce Carbon Foot Print through use of Green, Non-Polluting and Renewable Energy.
Generating Eyeballs : SWS being gigantic, unusual SWS’s dynamism catches attention of commuters passing by.
Advertisement and Promotions : SWS can be used either to power Hoardings (DC LED or regular AC light supported) or SWS itself can be a hording. SWS can have your Name Logo on the blades and well crafted Towers.
Scalability :
SWS13 – It delivers constant 12 DC Volt (ranging between 11V to 14) and 19 Amp for charging 12V 200Ah battery bank, Voltage and current depends upon the battery charge level and the wind speed at any given point of time.
SWS21- It delivers constant 24V DC (range 22 to 26) and 40 Amp for charging 24V 200Ah battery bank, depending upon the it’s charge level and the wind speed at any given point of time.
These basic SWS can be pooled to build ANY desired output capacity in terms Voltage (multiple of 12, 24, 36 etc or 24, 48, 96 etc ) and/ or current (in the multiple of 20,40,60 or 40, 80 120.. etc). E.g. we can have two SWS13 arranged in a manner that it can give us 12Volt but 40 Amp for charging or 24 volt but 20 Amp for charging etc.