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About Us

Windsun Solutions Limited (earlier known as ASSIL) was incorporated way back in 1998. Ever since then WindSun has been into constant quest to abreast ourselves through learning and adopting the latest technologies in software, hardware and engineering & manufacturing. For more than a decade now, we have been making the customized, simple, off-the-shelf solutions for generalize, complex problems.

With a vast, hands on experience in all the major domains/ verticals like Management, Finance, R&D (software, electrical, electronics, mechanicals), Manufacturing, Quality etc., our core team has groomed and excel in understanding the end user’s needs and then re-engineering their existing business flow/ processes for optimum out-come, within their given resources thus making the solution an affordable and economical.

WindSun’s SWSSmall Windmill Solution is one such revolutionary ready-to-use, customizable product for rooftop or standalone, off-grid electrical power generation through nonpolluting, renewable and natural average wind. SWS is out-come of more than half the decade of relentless hard work and R&D. SWS has been verified, Tested and Certified by ERDA – Electrical Research & Development Association accredited by the NABL - Government of India and Intertek (ASTA), UK.

Similarly Aryan’s RMS - Recruitment Management System along with Resume Hunter is one such out-of-the-box ERP solution for Recruitment/ Placement Industry, Tested & Certified by Department of Electronics – Government of India and acknowledged by many top-of-the-line industry leaders for manage their vast offline resume databases. Download..